UK Bloody Shells

Flaming Pants On A Stick

If any of you have been forced to look at the old, purple, Movable Type version of PooterGeek lately it’s because my hosts, who claimed they would have finished their upgrades by Friday, decided to move all my data to a new server this weekend. The first I knew about it was a note in […]

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Another Warning

This post is to echo the message Norm kindly hosted for me earlier today when I was offline: this week you should expect the signals from PooterGeek to be unreliable any time up until Thursday midnight because my Web hosts are upgrading the software running their servers. You can, however, count on the content here […]

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Plugged In Again

Reader, I sent an email this morning, from my email account. If you have been corresponding with me via Gmail recently you can now revert to the address. Not only that, but UKSolutions came back up again yesterday after disappearing some time in the morning. Being able to send email from your email account, […]

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Subbnormal Service Will Be Resumed

A massive BT (British Telecom) outage in Birmingham isolated my Web hosts from about 12:00 hrs BST yesterday to 03:30 BST today. I’m inferring this from the notch in my visitors, rather than getting any useful information from UK Shells’ cryptic apology email. I haven’t had access to my sites or email for that period. […]

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