When you toy with an idea, sometimes it toys back

Welcome now, my friends, to the show I didn’t intend

[Photo taken by me on Tottenham Court Road, London, between the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the defenstration of Prime Minister Liz Truss.]

I put things on the Web for money and I used to blog for fun, so it was odd that I hadn’t even played with Substack, if only so I could have an informed discussion with clients about it. This weekend just gone, I played with Substack. Then, it played me. This morning, to my shock, someone subscribed to my Substack, which I had told zero people about and didn’t know was public.

Don’t get me wrong: I always planned to get around to starting a Substack; though I didn’t want to get around to it this weekend just gone. But I’m here now so I’d better get on with it, because I’ve just told people on Twitter and they’ve started signing up too.

I’ll do some free posts first. If that works, I’ll try making things worth paying for as well. At which point, I’ll recommend readers sign up for the paid tiers, which already exist, because, obviously, I wanted to see how that part of Substack worked as well. But, right now, you are currently reading the only content there is.

Thank you for your attention. I’ll try to keep it.

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