The United Nations

The Price Of Imperialism

Under the headline “Asylum Falling Around The World”, The Beeb reports the United Nations reporting that: “The number of asylum seekers coming to the industrialised world fell by a fifth in 2004 to its lowest level in 16 years, according to the United Nations.” . . . “…the number of asylum seekers from Afghanistan and […]

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Doubles All Round

After last week’s frenzy, ‘Blogging is going to be thin this week because I have a lot on. Congratulations to PooterGeekers on their excellent work with Britney and to Oliver Kamm on making a better case for Bush (this time😉 and on re-making the best case for the second war on Saddam, namely that the […]

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Monarchies Rule!

Both normblog and The Daily Ablution currently have posts up about the United Nations Development Programme's chart of “most developed” countries. A commenter at The Ablution points out that all six of the top six most developed countries are constitutional monarchies. Stephen K will be pleased.

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Friends, Eh?

Thanks to Nicholas and Hind for listening to my woes and cheering me up Friday evening at Nick's impressively well-attended party. Hind told me that one of her friends had come along to my last gig in Brighton and liked it so much he bought the CD. Nicholas told me, to my surprise, that I […]

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Our Woman in Israel, Judith Wrubel Levy, sent a link to this excellent, balanced and grimly realistic article on how the U.S. and U.N. should respond to the situation in Israel. You need to register (free) with the New York Times online to read it.

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