The Wykehamist Fallacy

[I’ve created this post as a public service, because there are few places on the Web where this fallacy is recorded, and the places where it is strike me as liable to linkrot.] A “Wykehamist” is someone who went to Winchester College. The Wykehamist Fallacy has been a source of some terrible errors in Western foreign […]

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The Moral Degradation of The Labour Party

Corbyn in front of Hezbollah flag

The UK Labour Party’s moral decline began with Ed “My Parents Are Refugees” Miliband’s betrayal of Syrian civilians for petty party-political ends. When I saw Labour MPs raise their arms in Parliament in triumph at winning a vote to abandon children to gas attacks, I resigned my lifelong membership of the party. But the main […]

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FILM REVIEW: Downsizing


It’s rare I recommend a slice of American art house, but Downsizing is an example of how to make a thought-provoking, medium-budget Hollywood film about big themes without being too clunky or obvious or politically correct or po-faced. First things first: It’s a pleasure to look at. It would have been so easy, in our […]

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Film Review: Fright Night

David Tennant

Despite my thinking Roddy McDowall underrated, I’ve never seen the original Fright Night; but the 2011 remake was on last week and I thought I’d give it a whirl. I didn’t regret it As you’d expect from a contemporary vampire film written by a Buffy The Vampire Slayer alumna (Marti Noxon), it was witty and sharp and led by twentysomething actors pretending to […]

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An Amusing Overlap

Countries in the Top 18 Most Corrupt Developed Countries In The World that are also in Top 18 Countries In The EU For Belief That EU Membership Has Been Beneficial To Them: Ireland Estonia Portugal Poland Slovenia Spain Hungary Slovakia Three countries from the first list that are most striking by their absence from the […]

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Film Review: The Space Between Us (2017)

still from The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us is an odd film. It’s not Great Art and it isn’t great fun, but it has some beautiful moments, some fine acting performances, and its heart in the right place. I have to be careful writing about it, and I recommend not watching any trailers for it, because the other thing […]

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Tarting Up PooterGeek

PooterGeek is now running version 2.5.1 of WordPress and has a new theme, officially “PooterGeek 4.0”. (I’d planned this makeover long before the Harry’s Place mob moved into their nice new place and the redesign of their site was not my work, but I congratulate them on their choice of blogging software.) Most of my […]

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Yet Another Test Post

If this entry also appears at Bloggers4Labour then thanks to Andrew Regan, the evil genius behind that site, and to the cunning Andrew Skudder for restoring PooterGeek’s feed to the collective. UPDATE: I’m boring, I’m beige, I’m back, and my pants are as tight as a Scissor Sisters track.

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Test Post

This post is intended to test the effect of Damian’s upgrades on the Bloggers4Labour aggregator. You may comment on it only if you manage to work a Lennon and McCartney lyric into your text somewhere.

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Selling Out: Your Views Sought

I’m not going to share my thoughts on this one with you lot yet, except to link to this post on Black Triangle, but I’d like to read yours about these following plans of mine. I intend to put advertisements on the Wedding Photography Blog and on another potentially money-making blog that I have started […]

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Spam Attack!

PooterGeek is under massive and sustained blog spam assault so I am temporarily disabling comments and trackbacks while I look for a solution. Sorry, folks. UPDATE: We’re back in action, people. Bad Behaviour solved the problem.

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Flaming Pants On A Stick

If any of you have been forced to look at the old, purple, Movable Type version of PooterGeek lately it’s because my hosts, who claimed they would have finished their upgrades by Friday, decided to move all my data to a new server this weekend. The first I knew about it was a note in […]

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How’m Ah Lookin’?

The upgrade is supposedly complete. Readers, PooterGeek should now be more relaxed about letting you (and me) contribute to the conversation and less likely to accuse you of being a dirty spammer. Please let me know if anything strange happens when you browse or comment here—however trivial it might seem to you. Fellow ‘Bloggers, PooterGeek […]

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Internet Blues

Woke up this morning. Had no emails. I’m not that unpopular. My server just failed. If you tried to email me between midnight GMT and now then your message has disappeared into the ether. Sorry! Please resend it.

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