Middle East

The Eternal Optimism of the Israelis

One of the frustrations of a ‘Blog is that there are stories that you know all your friends would love, but you can’t tell properly because someone else involved in the actual events might Google for it ten years hence and object violently. So let’s just say I know of a person with a serious […]

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Saint George

John Reid had the unenviable job of answering questions about the resignation of Clare Short, the International Development Secretary, this morning on the Today Programme. He put in a solid performance despite interviewer John Humphrys‘ “sophistry”. The accusation was accurate. Of course, Reid’s job would have been easier if he had not been forced to […]

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Roasting That Old Chestnut

Following on from yesterday's speech by Robin Cook, she also points out that (as did an Economist article from several weeks back that I am not allowed to link to) that Israel has not clearly been in breach of resolution 242—as everyone lazily claims every time they have an argument about this. Here is her […]

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Today, Judith, our Israel correspondent, sent me this [click for image]. This little kid waving the Palestinian flag in front of masked, machine-gun-carrying Hamasniks is wearing a Maccabi-Tel Aviv sweatshirt. Maccabi-Tel Aviv is an Israeli basketball team. Is all this being scripted somewhere? As one of my own work colleagues pointed out, this is like […]

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