Brentian Man

Punchable Me

I’m sure many people who read this blog want to give me a slap. It’s quite something to see yourself online and get the same feeling. Look at this smug young local businessman collecting his new-age prize* in his tailored pinstripe jacket set off by his smart-but-casual, v-necked, clingy sweater of indeterminate sexual orientation and […]

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Surfing The Wave

Jackie‘ll like this. And, just as rocket science and brain surgery are not necessarily the most intellectually demanding specialisms of physics and medicine respectively, Tim also points out that organising a piss-up in a brewery is a non-trivial exercise.

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This morning, as I checked my GoogleMail, the all-seeing GoogleBrain read my correspondence and decided that I needed to be directed to the portal for recently divorced or bereaved men: “Wife’sGone.Com“, whose general message seems to be: “Okay, so you don’t have a missus any more, but at least you can afford to buy some […]

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