Missed Opportunity

Despite being away from the lab, I missed my chance to go to “The Wellbeing Show 2004” at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Halls. According to Time Out, if I had attended I could have tried inversion therapy, had myself screened for allergies, or had my aura photographed. Perhaps next year.

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Terror In Cambridge

Location, location, location: not living in an area of the World currently suffering under UN monitoring means that these are the two most frightening things that happened to me yesterday… 1. My guitar teacher wants me to learn the off-beat strumming of Supertramp’s Give A Little Bit. To do this I have ripped the song […]

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Immortal? It can get kind of lonely, can't it? Bringing together small minorities is something the Web does well and the "terminally challenged", or "TCs" as I shall refer to them, are no exception. There is now a Web community where the mortally disadvantaged can go to discuss eternal life with others. If you are […]

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