You Wouldn’t Steal A Parrot

The (Monty) Pythons raid YouTube, displacing poor-quality rip-offs of scenes from their films on the site by adding official, high-quality rip-offs. Are they mad? Well, they’re certainly richer. Their DVD sales have increased by 23 000 percent. [via Slashdot]

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Via Slashdot

Those Americans, eh?: “The UK is known for many things, great food, a wonderful climate and beautiful women. However, according to a story on The Guardian, a new study puts the UK ahead in one more category: it leads the world in TV piracy, accounting for 38.4% of the world’s TV downloads, with Australia coming […]

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In Praise Of The Little Guy (And His Girlfriend)

This another oldie, but it's never too late to read a story about the Mail on Sunday being humiliated. Mil Millington wrote a Webpage and a newspaper column and a book and, soon, a film—sorry: “major motion picture”—called “Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About”. [Mil's homepages might be funny, but they're ugly and […]

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