You can Enhance Your Browsing Experience by installing something called the Google toolbar into your copy of Netscape, Mozilla or [spit!] Internet Explorer.

As well has providing a built-in search facility, the bar has an indicator which tells you, on a scale of one to ten, how "important" the Google database thinks the currrent page you are browsing is; this factor approximates to the page's pagerank.

Last week, climbed from four to five.

My academic homepage remains stuck on a measly three. This is not necessarily a bad thing. If the notorious Stanley Pons had a homepage it would probably score a nine just because his work has been so controversial. Rather like that supposed Chinese curse it is possible for something to be too interesting.

Yesterday Claire sent me a link to an article so interesting that I am afraid I can't tell you about it. If I did I would have to bore you senseless with the many things I would like to write in response. Unlike so much of that tiresome anti-globalization, anti-American drivel we are surrounded by today it gets very close to one of the central problems of the New World Order.

Close, but no cigar.