Who reads my Webpages? Disappointed people, mainly…

I am responsible for the fourth highest hit if you search UK pages for “anti-capitalist Weblog” at Google UK.

What’s more, because I made a flip remark in my old gallery pages about one of my colleagues looking like said film star, it’s also on the first page of results (twice!) if you search Google Images for “Tia Carrera”.

Why? Well, her name is actually “Tia Carrere” and my site carried one of the not-so-rare misspelled captions. (In Google’s database are two pages of incorrectly labelled images, and less than one page of correctly labelled images.) The photo in question is long gone from counsell.com, but still the hordes come.

I have recently acquired a regular female reader, however, who thinks this ‘Blog should mutate into a Sex In The City-style memoir (call me a pedant, but a vital element might be missing from that plan), and who—despite being somewhat younger than me—wishes to adopt a “big sister” role in sorting out my love-life. This is not likely to keep her very busy, but she claims that she can help. Tough gig.