This made me laugh out loud. There was a debate on the geek news site Slashdot earlier this week about ageism in information technology hiring. “Gen X-ers“, like me, are reaching their 30s and people don’t want to take them on as programmers, preferring “younger minds” instead.

One thoughtful and informed comment on this was particularly well received (as measured by Slashdot’s “karma” system of moderation). So was one of the replies to it, a gem of nerd flippancy and bathos:

Re:Do younger minds absorb quicker? (Score:5, Insightful)
by RobPiano on Friday June 13, @06:29PM (#6193134)

I’m a piano teacher, and a computer scientist.

For the most part younger kids learn piano better simply because they put in the time and are willing try new things. My adult students often progress much faster than my younger students. Its only that most adults also have complex lifes already and can’t put in the time a little kid can. My adult students that have trouble tend to do so because they are afraid of the piano. I must admit, however, that some young minds can simply make unbelivable progress for no single reason other than natural talent.

I think the same thing transfers to Computer Science. For the most part if you have used computers for years you are not afraid to try things. Many adults are very afraid of computers. Kids simply explore and enjoy them.

I think Gen X’ers get the rotten deal in all of this. The generation before them WAS worse at computers at an old age. This is no longer true since many Gen X’ers have had computers since Commodore 64 or earlier. It will take another generation before this is ammended.

And for all of you programming divas just realize that programming isn’t a “god given talent” and neither is piano. You simply put in the work, do what you love, and good things come from it. Don’t think you are special for it, because no matter how good you are there will always be an 11 year old asian girl who is better than you’ll ever be.

Re:Do younger minds absorb quicker? (Score:5, Funny)
by CausticPuppy on Friday June 13, @06:54PM (#6193458)

“…because no matter how good you are there will always be an 11 year old asian girl who is better than you’ll ever be.”

Well then she must be destroyed.