Not a good start to today: I drove into work and, while attempting to park, drove through a fence.

If you’re reading this Auriol, Viv is OK. There are some fine scratches on her bonnet which are so superficial they mostly wipe off; I’ll examine more closely later in the week. One of those plastic headlamp protector things has gone, though. I guess that’s what they’re there for.

My only real worry now is that Campus Security might have added my “low-speed” manoeuvering antics to their Christmas video collection. Luckily I managed to extricate my jambed foot (the cause of my accident) and brake before Viv crashed into the large tree that the fence had been put up to protect. In a battle between the ancient vegetation and Auriol’s almost-as-ancient Peugeot 205 my money would have been on the one made of wood and sunk several metres into the ground.