Back in February I put what I was worried was an already-tired link to the famous Weapons of Mass Destruction “error message” in my ‘Blog. (Scroll down to the 13Feb03 entry for the original reference.) It has recently re-emerged as the sort of phenomenon even grandmothers know about [ 😉 winks at Judith*] and I have had half-a-dozen emails about it in a fortnight.

The original creator wrote an article about the phenomenon in The Guardian last week. He even sells T-shirts of Mass Destruction now [server overloaded at the time of my posting this entry].

Funnily enough, his position on the war itself is similar to mine. And, as everyone who knows me knows, I could care less if they find any WMD anywhere in Iraq. Actually, I’d be pleased if they did because the usual crowd might stop whining about it. (And then start whining about the Coalition’s insufficient provision of play facilities for the under-fives in the greater Baghdad municipality.)

*Judith Levy is not a grandmother, but her mother is.