I don’t think I’ve ever woken up to so many PooterGeek comments. If you haven’t visited it lately you might be shocked by the stack of messages from lusty schoolgirls, demanding to see their hero in the buff at the “Naked H**** P*****” entry.

Every Blogger in Christendom has linked to this, but you might also be shocked (and even grumpy Leasey might be entertained) by this amazing demonstration of the power of PhotoShop. I hope the holiday is going swimmingly, Lease.

Yesterday, I had to leave the office because two men were clambering around in the ceiling over my head trying to fix the air conditioning which was raining water onto my desk. On my way to work at home, I had my first high-speed blowout, but had forgotten my mobile at my flat.

Plodding along two dual carriageways on foot to find a telephone in the middle of the afternoon with the temperature over 30°C is not my idea of fun. (I can’t believe I whined about this in an email to Allan, when he spends all day on the roads in multiple layers of clothing, actually doing stuff while he walks.)

The AA man who rescued me was a star, and, in typical Cambridge style, his roadside reading was a history of the Norman conquests.