Check this surreal phenomenon out before the Powers That Be fix it! If you search the BBC’s News site for “Arafat“, the first link you pull up takes you to a potted biography of Lemony Sicket, mysterious children’s author. It’s another Giant Lizard conspiracy, I tell you.

The rest of this entry is second-hand ‘Blogging so I give it lower billing.

After my post touching on the subject, it seems that, even with Cherie kicking Tony under the sheets every evening over the hopelessness of the Palestinians, the British government finally thinks it might be worth treating Hamas as a terrorist organisation. Good luck to them in persuading the appeasers in Europe. (Incidentally, funding the mischievous indolence of Yasser’s hangers-on is at least one area where we can see our contributions to the EU are being spent with effect.)

Here is the mighty Oliver Kamm on the question.