At the fancy-dress party, Damian, fancying himself somewhat in his sharply pressed, collarless Dr. Evil suit, asks one of the other guests if she’d be interested in, er, maybe, going for a drink some time. Her response isn’t entirely positive, but he can tell she is just playing hard-to-get from her body language.

Update: for you Golden Lasso of Truth fetishists, there’s a bigger sheet of digital wallpaper here.

Update: I should point out that this is a “joke” entry meant as a slightly less boring way of drawing your attention to free superhero desk decoration than just pointing at the Website. If it was a true story I’d have used the first person. Besides, don’t you know that women find me completely irresistible 🙂 ?—the mysterious PixieGirl, for example, wrote to tell me I’m “feckful”.

Look it up.