Ye gods: another late night in the lab. Now I am finally home I should share with you my one Web catch of the day. Alan Gilbert is a professional photographer in Baltimore who takes excellent photographs of very boring things. One of the oddest in his portfolio is an image of a model train looping around a kitschy diorama of the sinking of The Titanic. Huh?

UPDATE: When amateurs ask if it’s worth becoming a pro, the pros say something like: “Only if you want to take photos of things no one else wants to.” When they are asked how can they make money as a professional photographer the pros reply: “Specialize and market yourself.”

By way of illustration, the PhotoDude will take care of all your toy soldier photographic needs and Garcia Studio will ensure no chicken drumstick suffers poor lighting.

(If you are interested in turning pro, you could do worse than read a good article at If you would like to feel inadequate, here’s their photo of the week.)