So, for the first time in two years of “working at Cambridge” I’m in town today, teaching in the Genetics Department and Al-Qa-bloody-e-da (or perhaps two bored students) threaten the town and the University with a couple of bombs for lunchtime.

It was one of my students who alerted me to the threat first, but Maoi (bless her cotton socks) forwarded a warning to me from the Philippines. Ain’t the Internet strange? I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens in Manila occasionally and I know it happens in Tel Aviv all the time, but it’s quite something to walk home through sleepy old residential Cambridge and see a military helicopter fly overhead.

The class went brilliantly, though. (If you want to see how your little ones starred in the show, Clare, Hind and Judith, you’ll be able to download the slides that accompanied my talk via my academic page next week.)