Popquiz! Which of the following is a real reality TV show?

  1. Sing Out, Sisters“: A group of twenty white, middle-class American women from a Bach choir are taught to sing Gospel by members of a black Baptist group in Philadelphia. We watch four of the Bach-lovers being transformed over the run up to their appearance as competitors at a Gospel convention.
  2. Firing Line“: Four total losers are taught the arts of close combat, defensive driving and weapons technology with a view to turning them into expert bodyguards. After their training they are assigned to a real celebrity. The producers then stage a fake hostage situation with a “suicide bomber”. The contestants have only been told to expect to deal with a staged mugging, but now we’ll see how they perform when the shit really hits the fan.
  3. The Swan“: Seventeen thoroughly ordinary-looking women are offered plastic surgery. We follow them all through the pain of their physical refinement—liposuction, dental surgery and facelifts—as they prepare for their entry into a beauty contest. In every episode one woman is cast aside as too ugly to continue.

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