A lot of us are currently trying (again) to point out the people on the Left that Iraq is not Vietnam. It’s also important to point out to people on the Right that Al-Qaeda is not the KGB.

You know those forms you fill in as you fly into JFK, where you tell US Immigration about your drug-dealing, terrorist past? If you do, you’ll like this part of the article:

In July 2002, long after 9/11, an Egyptian national walked into Los Angeles International Airport with a gun and killed two Israeli citizens at the El Al counter. On his application for asylum in the United States, Hesham Mohamed Hedayet had written that in Egypt he’d confessed to being a member of al-Gama’a al-Islameya, but apparently, unless a man has Osama Bin Laden’s phone number in his PalmPilot or a big “AQ” tattooed across his chest, it takes the FBI almost a year to decide he is, in fact, a terrorist. And how did they finally determine this? “The investigation,” said an FBI spokesman in April 2003, “developed information that [Hedayet] openly supported the killings of civilians in order to advance the Palestinian cause.” This is incompetence and there is nothing to indicate our law enforcement agencies are getting better.