Don’t, whatever you do, browse “everything2“. If you start you won’t finish until it has sucked your life away. One of the contributors goes by the username “spackle“. This will now be one of my most out-of-date ‘Blog entries because he wrote the following in 2001, under the title “Strange things homeless people have said to me“:

A little background before I begin. I am in a wheelchair. You’ll understand why that was necessary in a minute. First was the lady who asked if I was a Vietnam Veteran. This wouldn’t be so strange if it weren’t for the fact that I am 20 and very obviously too young to have participated in the Vietnam War. Then there was a lady who told me, “You musta dun somethin wrong, cuz you in a wheelchair and I aint seen no white folk in wheelchairs”. I really have no explanation for this statement so I told her to come out to the suburbs more often and that there are a lot of white people in wheelchairs in the suburbs.

Of course there have been at least ten instances of homeless strangers coming up and praying for me to be able to walk. Some have gone as far as to kneel next to me. I find this odd but it beats the hell out them asking me for money. I have also had several homeless people offer to push me up hills. Once again this wouldn’t be so odd but for the fact that I weigh 210 lbs and I can benchpress 315 lbs. I don’t think I look like I need help pushing up the hill, but maybe I just have a false self-image. Who knows?