It used to be sleepy around here (PooterGeek, that is). I could tinker with a ‘Blog entry a few times, publish it to the Web, tinker with it a bit more, and then, a couple of days later, somebody might wander by and read it.

Now, people descend while I’m in the middle of correcting the bloody things. They even post comments before I’m finished, for pete’s sake. It’s like having someone look over your shoulder while you’re writing the first draft of your diary.

Yesterday evening’s “and the freedom” entry went through about twenty iterations before I fixed all the problems I had with those fiddly blockquote paragraphs and corrected all the spelling mistakes and disagreeing subjects and verbs and possessive adjectives—is “the BBC” singular or plural? On top of those, there were the wrinkles of style to roll over. The hits were arriving while I was working.

What’s really annoying is that the readers disappear again just before I’m happy with the result. I blame the aggregators.