The strangest things catch the imaginations of PooterGeekers. In this week’s ongoing debate about military theorists I have to admit Timbeaux and David Duff have me thoroughly out-read. Not since I ‘Blogged about The Passion of the Christ have the comment boxes been so busy. As if by appendix to the discussion, SlashDot pointed at a story in Wired yesterday about the high-tech effort to completely re-equip the American GI. There is one quote in it from a military consultant at that I have to draw to the attention of T and DD (who are currently detonating the charges they have attached to the door of my underground bunker) because it’s so relevant to my argument:

“Once you’re in an urban environment, it strips out a lot of (America’s) technology advantages. It puts you in a fair fight. And you don’t want to be in a fair fight.”

Writing as a physical coward, armed only with rolled up diplomas, I couldn’t agree more.