Not having even seen Prague and Florence yet, I am hardly in a position to say that Paris is the most beautiful city in the World, but, if it isn’t, then I have some dazzling sights left to enjoy in my life. My goodness, the place lives up to the hype.

If you know me, you’ll know that this year has not been a good one chez PooterGeek, but today I returned safely from the most wonderful jaunt. The Berlinskis (père et fille), and the Levys (la famille entière) chased my blues through the streets of the City of Lights and, armed only with a small brown child, forced a whole gang of woes into cuffs. They handed them over to the authorities on the steps of the Palais de Justice where they are currently in a holding cell.

We shared one day so magical that Capra and Spielberg would have hesitated to print it, but my pictures will, I hope, appear around here later. Thank you, dear friends.