While asking after my baby pics yesterday evening, my token Palestinian friend* Hind commented in her unique style, “We all think you love children, really. Why don't you have some?” I mumbled something about how ordering a baby from the Internet in the absence of at least adding a wife to my Amazon wishlist might be putting the cart before the horse somewhat. She answered, “Oh, yeah. Well, may God bless you with a horse.” In Hind's very mild Arabic accent, magnified by her recent three months in Jordan, this sounded like a desert proverb of ancient lineage.

So PooterGeek's grand experiment for this month is to retrospectively make that proverb as historically authentic as English folk music. Readers, please join in—and recruit your friends too!

Do you know someone who loves driving, but hasn't yet booked to take a test? Look him in the eye sympathetically and say: “May God bless you with a horse.”

Dreaming of winning the lottery, but no intention of buying a ticket? May God bless you with a horse.

Want to be a popstar, but don't want to learn to sing or play an instrument? May God bless you with a horse!

Geddit? Good. Now spread the word.

[*I am joking, Hind; if I was cultivating you for rhetorical purposes the college porter who gave me the (puzzling) impression you were Indian would have brought our friendship to a swift end before it began. I mean, what's controversial about India? (And I'd make a better job of staying in touch than wrapping my head in bandages and checking into a North London teaching hospital 😉 ]