The biggest 'Blog in Britain is written by a prostitute. One of the biggest mainstream US news stories about 'Blogging broke when an intern sleeping with US government employees for money was outed by another 'Blogger. When it comes to Weblogs, the Anglo media have one thing on their minds and it isn't the potentially disruptive effect of devolved news-gathering and collaboration.

Despite the (completely illogical) pleas of a PooterGeek regular that I turn this into a male “Carrie's diary“, there's not much sex on PooterGeek, but, occasionally, a sex story makes me laugh so much I have to cover it. I just can't believe I missed this one a week ago.

It seems that pre-teens have a new craze to upset their parents with: “sex bracelets”. According to the US tabloid New York Post

“girls wear the bracelets around their wrists, and if a boy runs up and rips one off, he gets a 'coupon' from the girl to perform whatever sex act the color stands for.

A black bracelet indicates sexual intercourse, blue is oral sex, red is a lap dance or French kiss and white is a homosexual kiss…[g]reen represents having sex outside.”

It's not the tabloid hysteria about the bragging of fornicating minors; it's the quote from one of the children's parents that makes this one for me:

“Megan Stecher, 11, a fifth-grader who sells the $1 bracelets to her classmates at Holy Child Jesus School in Richmond Hill, Queens, for $1.25 said her teachers are not aware of what they symbolize.

Megan's mother, Michelle Stecher, 33, originally thought it was an innocent fashion fad.

'I thought it was an outrageous Britney Spears phase, like Madonna used to do in the '80s with the black rubber bracelets,' she said.

'But when I found out, I was outraged. I sent her to Catholic school to avoid things like this.'”

Mother of God, the cluelessness. It can only be that Michelle Stecher has never been within 10 miles of a Catholic school (or a Catholic girl) in her thirty-three years.

You probably don't want to waste five minutes of your own life reading the whole thing; I'm sure you could generate your own boilerplate fake-outrage-wrestles-with-the-urge-to-titillate copy.

[picked up via I Love Jenna Bush, as was this “do-we-laugh-or-cry?” story]