Judith tried to post a comment nominating Victor Davis Hanson as a rival to Mark Steyn for the Best Columnist Working In The English Language award, but the currently flaky PooterGeek site rejected her submission, so I'm posting it here. She recommended this piece by VDH.

Funnily enough, “Backword Dave“, who links to me occasionally (and in his 'Blogroll), did the opposite this week, and put the boot into the man.

Dave scored two-and-a-half hits. Using “less” for “fewer” is indeed a grammatical error, but Dave is the man who put the extra 'h' into “emphahsis”. People are indeed dying at the hands of terrorists “elsewhere”, but that's the job of the President of the United States: to stop people dying on his watch, on his patch—and in this, so far, Bush has succeeded. I agree with Dave that the US economy is “screwed”, but I think the problems Bush has caused will take time to emerge, and, right now, there's precious little empirical evidence for our diagnosis, so it's not just our Victor who's making the “baseless assertions”. The sideswipes at Hanson's criticism of the media have some weight and I agree with The Backword One that a strong Democrat in the White House would be an excellent progression from a making-it-up-as-he-goes-along Republican. Calling Hanson “ignorant”, though, is just wrong.