As requested by Timbeaux, here's my report on the new software running this site: WordPress (WP). Like a zombie twin, my original Movable Type installation is still shuffling along in the same directory of the same server, delivering old pages to the local people. Despite this, PooterGeek coped fine with the Geras-lanche of outsiders yesterday.

PooterGeek is probably going to stay like this for a while at least. So far, WP seems like an excellent way to build a 'Blog. It's cleaner and faster than Movable Type (MT). The joy of not having to wait for the server to grind out a new main page between revisions and of seeing a preview of your post while you edit it almost outweighs some of the pain I've experienced configuring the whole set-up. Perhaps there will be fewer typos here in future.

WP is far more modular. I've had to install various so-called “hacks” to get all the features I expect from MT. Unfortunately, the system for adding extra code has just been improved and some of the hacks are still behind the times. That points up the main overall problem I have found: WordPress feels less mature. It's also been a grind trying to make the new front page look like the old front page. Readers, if you have perfectionist tendencies and you try WP, you will tinker with it until you go mad.

In the long run, this won't matter. WP will inevitably overtake MT because it is completely open source and you cannot stop open source software from getting better faster than even slightly closed source software. Deal with it, Six Apart, or die.

Now, how far have I got with importing my gazillion past 'Blog posts?