Yesterday I stumbled upon a 'Blog that was news to me, but I think I'll be watching from now on. According to its URL, “Language Log” is broadcasting from the University of Pennsylvania and seems to be staffed by linguistics profs from other top US universities. Stories that caught my eye include one on the popularization of the International Phonetic Alphabet by marketing gonks, one about Clinton's censorship of his own book for the British market, one linking to an attack on Slate's “Kerryism of the Day” feature and a defence of a non-moonbat anti-war campaigner, and a close analysis of the meaning and derivation of the phrase “could care less”. I didn't have the time to check thoroughly that that the content wasn't bollocks, but it's certainly intriguing. If you're interested in language it's a Web page you might want to avoid for fear of being sucked into endless browsing.