The Internet Movie Database's Fresh Faces is a showcase for less well-known actors and a monument to American dentistry. You can play casting director and flip through the talent ruthlessly, ticking or crossing the potential of the hopefuls on the basis of their (no-doubt Photoshopped) publicity photos alone. Whether you are male or female; straight, gay, or space-alien; there are tens of beautiful wannabes for you to gawp at. It's addictive. And Anita Matthys is stunning.

(While I was browsing this or some other crappy celebrity site yesterday evening, one of those “featured personals” adverts popped up at the side of the page. Beneath a photo of a tattooed young woman was her list of the five items she couldn't live without. The first was “Ritilin”. Call me Mister Fussypants, but when I'm dating a woman who's being treated with psychotropic drugs for her mental problems, I like her to be able to spell her medication.)