As if to taunt me, a new bookshop has opened between where I live and my local supermarket. It is called “Libra Aries” and it sells volumes of new age bollocks:

“Earth Mysteries, Folklore, Druidry, the Northern Tradition, Wicca, Paganism, Shamanism, Golden Dawn, Buddhism, Taoism, Herbs, Vegetarian Cookery, Psychogeography, Self-Publishing & Small Presses, Green & Left Politics, Psychedelia..”

In a new, occasional PooterGeek feature I will simply link to an Amazon page featuring a book from the shop’s window that has caught my eye. Resisting further comment will be part of my own self-administered anger management programme. My dear readers need not feel so bound. Today’s book is The Cat Herbal: Simple Green Remedies for Your Cat.