I’ve just added the fierce and furry Hak Mao to the ‘Blogroll. (And, if you don’t write something soon, Timbeaux, I’ll be de-rolling you. How can I read a ‘Blog that isn’t?)

Hak comes from the land of my favourite bread: Vogel’s. It’s the anti-Nimble. The ingredients of Vogel’s are harvested from the hearts of collapsing stars. It’s so dense that I just unscrew the Marmite lid, hold the jar in the vicinity of a slice and watch it spread itself on the surface by gravity alone. Line your stomach with stuff like that in the morning and you can deal with anything that The Today Programme has to throw at you. I am slightly worried the Atkins™ androids have become interested in it as a “low-carb” alternative to other bread, but after slathering my second and third slices in jam, I don’t think I can be acccused of eating it according to the current re-animated celebrity diet fad.

Enough product placement for ya, Will?