I have been yammering here and elsewhere about several things I would like to do with PooterGeek when I get some free time. I haven’t done any of them. This post will declare my intentions in public, and (I hope) remind me / embarrass me into action.

I’d like to interview some interesting academics. I already have four experimental subjects in mind, and they aren’t people I necessarily agree with on every question by any means—only one of them is an Oxbridge fellow. My hope is to visit them in their working environment, take photographs, and quiz them in a completely non-John Humphrys way. I want to nail exactly what they believe, rather than argue with them. In fact, I’ll be asking them to review their interviews after I’ve transcribed them to make sure they have a chance to explain their work and conclusions as clearly and accurately as possible to readers—and they will choose which pictures I publish too.

I want to write a layperson’s review of stem cell research, summarise some of the arguments for and against human cloning, and then state my own case on the subject—before opening up the comments for general debate.

I want to import many unconverted old posts from previous versions of PooterGeek. Apparently people now can’t access past content they would like to read and it’s disappearing from the Google cache.

Any views on these plans or suggestions for other things you’d like to see here are, as always, welcome.