There are some broken “arguments” that stupid people deploy with a smug smile and a fold of the arms time and time again. Subject to even superficial analysis these supposedly debate-clinching gambits break. You know the sort of idiot offerings I’m talking about: “I’m not racist, but flooding this country with people of another culture can only lead to trouble”, “How can I be ‘anti-Semitic’, eh, when Arabs are Semites too?”, “So tell me, how is anyone is supposed to make money from software that’s free?”, “We were the ones who armed him in the first place—Rumsfeld wasn’t saying that when he was shaking hands with him!” After a while you know which standard spanner to pull out of your reasoning toolkit and lob at each one. Phil Libin deals with the relatively new old chestnut “You can’t fight an abstract noun” and saves me the bother of doing so again, but online.