I could rant for England on the subject of the Common Agricultural Policy, but I can’t seem to get very worked up about the European Constitution. This might be stupidity on my part, but what exactly would happen if, after we’ve signed it, a future UK government just refused to accept some part of it (not that there’s anything much new there that we—or rather past Conservative governments—haven’t signed up to before). I mean, what would they do about it? Would Belgium engineer a mass killing of the Celts? Would France arrange for a member of our royal family to have an unfortunate road accident? (Certain) members of the Eurozone can flout the so-called “Growth and Stability Pact” without so much as a slap. If someone can tell me of a sanction with real bite that the constitution’s co-signatories could impose on us for breaking with that agreement, I’d love to know about it. I’m genuinely curious. I wouldn’t want to our nation to find itself in the gunsights of Italy’s mighty naval fleet.