[Before I start, I’m just going to say something about my editorial policy. A tiresome Leftie elsewhere in the ‘Blogosphere was taking Norm to task the other day for writing about cricket while Fallujah burned or something like that. This has been a week of Important Events in the World, but a week of froth on this ‘Blog. That’s because I feel like writing about froth and not about the serious news. PooterGeek is my world. If you don’t like it, read Instapundit. Now for more froth.]

So, earlier this week, I’m listening to the bathroom radio before I retire when on comes Graham Torrington’s Late Night Love. This is a allergenic mixture of phone-in angst and schmaltzy tunes. Usually I find myself telling the first miserable, attention-seeking caller to pull himself or herself together (and often Graham Torrington does), but even I felt some sympathy for “S”.

S told Mr Torrington about how her long-term boyfriend had confessed to her that he had had oral sex with his best (male) friend. Big deal: there’s a lot of that sort of thing going on between supposedly straight males. Then she burst into tears as she related how, a little later, he had admitted that the oral sex had been going on for fourteen years. This has got to be grim: she thinks he’s been honest, tries to understand; he turns out to be deceitful, unfaithful, and deluded. She was so upset that, after offering her some sympathetic words, Tozza had to tell her to phone back later and resorted to putting a record on (while his producer was probably frantically lining up another sufferer).

Then the rubberneckers arrived. Did the first ring in to share her own similar experience? Not exactly, no. After a quick survey of the wreckage, she wanted to say that her boyfriend had admitted to her that he had had “a homosexual experience” once after a night clubbing. Now she believed that the reason he wouldn’t “commit” to her after four years was that deep down he was probably gay. Even blokes who work on building sites only use the “she doesn’t want me—she must be a lesbian” line as a joke these days.