As the International Herald Tribune reports, modern medical science has finally succeeded in curing an unvaccinated rabies victim of the disease—albeit using a pretty extreme approach:

“[D]octors at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin put the critically ill teenager into a drug-induced coma and gave her anti-viral drugs, although it is not clear which if any of the four medicines she received contributed to her recovery”

It’s worth reading to the very end of the article for this:

“John Giese, the girl’s father, was grateful to the doctors and their novel treatment, but said that prayer had made the crucial difference.
“The day after we found out, I called on everyone we knew for prayer,” he told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel this week. “We believe a lot of that snowballed and it really made a difference.””

For some reason a vision of silver-suited aliens descending on a midwestern American homestead fills my mind, or maybe it’s a gigantic, black, slablike intensive care unit appearing near to a cave shared by a group of squatting apes somewhere in the African savannah.