I meant to say thank you to Nicholas and Hind for dinner yesterday. In fact it was my discovering that Adam, the latest addition to their family, looks exactly like Nicholas, but smaller and a bit more Arab, that made me post about the Karzai photo. Thanks for the “Death to the Zionist Infidels” shopping bag too.

Hind showed me the current edition of glossy Jordanian lifestyle magazine Living Well that reprints one of my photographs twice. The copy that has a credit says that someone simply called “Damien” took it. (Thanks, Amar.) “Guide2Jordan“, which is either a stale ‘Blog or “Jordan’s Premiere News Gathering Service”, said in 2003:

“A new breed of glossy society magazines showing the rich and famous partying, women in strapless dresses or featuring articles on beauty tips is causing quite a stir in Jordan. For some people in this traditionally conservative Muslim society, magazines with names such as Layalina (Arabic for Our Nights), Living Well, Yahala (Welcome) are a breath of fresh air.”

It’s nice to be doing my bit to piss off the sort of people who stab Dutchmen on bicycles.