As I predicted, the pull of Blade: Trinity was too strong and Leasey and I went along to see it last Saturday. It turned out to be both very entertaining and utter rubbish. The plot is thinner than a 15-year-old on a catwalk; Parker Posey couldn’t act her way out of a parking ticket; and the bad guy—though very bad indeed—was about as physically intimidating as a member of the Chippendales having a hissy fit in his fantasy gardener outfit. On the plus side Jessica Biel can take my shopping home any day; Ryan Reynolds looks so good and has so many excellent lines that even I was beginning to fancy him by the end of the film; and, fortunately, I love watching vampires explode. This is important: exploding vampires are what substitutes for dramatic tension in this movie. Apart from Biel’s lickable midriff, this film’s real redemption is that it is very funny indeed—and mostly on purpose.

On the way back, Leasey drove with her usual commendable care and respect for the law along one of Cambridge’s residential roads and was overtaken, first by boy racers in a straining, over-tuned hatchback and then by a Porsche Carrera in close pursuit. The latter had probably barely got out of second gear, but was travelling at over twice the speed limit. Just as we were tut-tutting their recklessness the tools were lit up in double flashes from a speed camera. So a fun evening was rounded off by (the appearance at least of) justice being done. Thank you Leasey. Thank you Cambridgeshire Police.