[cliché]As the year draws to a close[/cliché], I’d like to thank the global network of PooterGeek operatives who make this site the nerve centre of international happenings that it is, both the core team of:

  • Special Agent Berlinski: Paris operative and roving European reporter;
  • Special Agent Levy: “the Mossad Mother”, our Middle East observer;
  • Special Agent Savant: based in Manila with an eye on activities in Asia;
  • Miller Of The Congo: ex of the PooterGeek Africa office*; and
  • Special Agent Leasey: representative of the Young People and proofreader

and our deep cover personnel: The Anonymous Economist; The Cryptic Celt; Our Man In Washington; PixieGirl; and others too numerous to be listed or too embarrassed to be linked with me.

Plenty of prominent and discriminating Lefties have, however, linked here (Chris the Stoat, Eric, Hak, Harry’s collective, Norm, The ‘Bloggers Known As SIAW), but I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank and link back to a politically diverse collection of boutiques who also had the good taste to forward business to PooterGeek in 2004: Anti-Climacus, Attempting Escape, bytehead, Bill’s Comment Page, The Cabarfeidh Pages, Councillor Andrew Brown, Chiasm, A Cloud In Trousers, DM-Andy, Dr. Frank’s What’s-it, Doctor Vee, Elan Ecu, Gwydion The Magician, A General Theory Of Rubbish, James Hamilton, Lewis Collard, Let’s Be Sensible, Mo Morgan, Mugged By Reality, Non-trivial Solutions, The Non-Bloggish Blog, Pearsall’s Books, Quacky, Shuggy’s Blogspot, The Sock Thief, Sound And Fury, Stumbling and Mumbling, The Uncertainty Principle, WhatsThatSmell?, What You Can Get Away With, and Who Knew?. Pick a site from the list at random and visit it back.

If you haven’t donated to the tsunami relief effort already, give generously.

Have a splendiferous 2005. There’s a job to be done and that much less time to do it in. To quote Leasey: run, don’t jog!

[*Since my Auntie Clarina isn’t exactly plugged into the InterWeb thingie I am on the look out for volunteers for the position of Dark Continent Observer. All you need is Net access and to be resident somewhere within these 11 million square miles.]