Yes, it’s bad there, but what about North Korea?
Yes, he’s an evil dictator, but the Americans will be even worse.
Yes, they’ll overthrow him, but what about the humanitarian disaster that will inevitably follow?
Yes, democracy’s all very well in theory, but those people aren’t ready for it yet.
Yes, they chopped off his head, but what about Abu Ghraib?
Yes, the north might be peaceful, but what about Fallujah?
Yes, the south might be peaceful, but what about Fallujah?
Yes, millions of refugees have returned, but only because other countries don’t want them any more.
Yes, things might be better now, but at what price?
Yes, there are three hundred mass graves, but what about Fallujah?
Yes, Saddam had to be punished, but giving him the death penalty makes them worse than he is.
Yes, other countries in the Middle East should become democratic too, but what about Palestine?
Yes, it’s booming now, but if we’d given diplomacy more time the country would be better now without those hundreds of thousands of dead and the massive rebuilding operation.
Yes, my stepson’s going to university there, but he feels it’s a way of giving something back, making amends for all the damage we’ve done.
Yes, I drive an Iraqi car but that doesn’t mean I’m supporting the American puppet government there and its terrible treatment of its Palestinian population.
Yes, the holiday was great thanks, and the historical sites are just amazing, but think how much more amazing they would have been if we hadn’t bombed them into the Stone Age.
Yes, those bastards have outsourced Gavin’s job to Baghdad, but that’s globalization for you.