It is fiddly. It is perverse. Most of all it is sublimely pointless. He doesn’t even like KitKats. Chris Applegate of qwghlm brings us one of the greatest expressions of the geek aesthetic since those guys put a Webserver in a fly.

While I’m on the subject of geek culture and food, this from geek central (Slashdot), where they are voting for the video game that has inspired the most dreams:

Re:Tetris by Jpunkroman on Wednesday January 26, @12:34AM

My roomate last year would routinely unpack the grocery cart and repack it in the middle of the aisle in the grocery store because he played too much tetris and would get bothered when there was empty space in the cart. Fortunely, he never got a tetris in the cart and made half of the groceries disapear. We didn’t have enough line pieces I guess.

Re:Tetris by mtnharo on Wednesday January 26, @01:39PM

Should have bought more baguettes