When the first reports came in we had no inkling of how bad things were going to get. Now the full horror can be revealed:

“Some of the UK’s biggest musical stars have pledged their support to a new charity single aimed at raising funds for victims of the Asian tsunami disaster.

‘Grief Never Grows Old’ is described as a melancholy ballad by radio DJ Mike Reid [sic], who penned the track prior to the Dec. 25 disaster but refrained from releasing it due to it’s sombre mood:

‘It’s a natural home for it because people kept saying to me, ‘it’s such a good song’, but it’s such a sad song,’ Read told the BBC.

‘I’d only be pleased in terms of what it meant for sales if it got to number one.’

Sir Cliff Richard has reportedly already recorded his vocals while on vacation in Barbados, and Boy George is set to follow suit while in New York. Former Boyzone star Ronan Keating is also expected to contribute, and a studio is currently being sought in Switzerland where the star is currently holidaying.”