Following Colonel Qaddafi’s accusation at the Arab League summit in Algiers today, that the Israelis and Palestinians are “stupid”, thousands of members of both populations have come together to sign an unprecedented cross-community petition declaring Qaddafi “a gibbering loon”.

Waving his arms theatrically as he introduced a joint statement issued with President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas, Silvan Shalom the Israeli Foreign Minister added that Qaddafi was “one card short of a full deck, one pole short of a huppah, one oppressive regime short of a Security Council!”
Abbas interjected to point out that Qaddafi was so crazy even Michael Jackson wouldn’t be seen in public with him.

Qaddafi in ridiculous military get-up

The office of the Libyan Supreme Overlord and Love Raccoon responded with the following short press release:

“Kipper kipper kipper iPod bhangra.”

As the press release was read out at the Algiers evening briefing, Qaddafi and his 40-strong line-up of female bodyguards silently performed the Mashed Potato.