Yes, I’m “back”. I had planned a quiet month of twice-a-week posting before announcing a possible return to daily Geeking, but Norm and Tim and the terrorists saw to it that I couldn’t slip into the room quietly like a student late for a lecture. The traffic here has been ridiculously high over the past few days, but, as I said in an email to the aforementioned Brit-‘Blogging superstars, I’d rather no one had been reading me and nobody had died.

I am still going to be made redundant and I still have a few things to do at work, but, as a result of some thinking I have been doing during my ‘Blogging break, the workload isn’t going to be as heavy as I thought. When (if) my redundancy package appears in my bank account I’ll announce here exactly what I intend to do next. If I receive what I’ve been told I am going to receive then I think I’m going to take the opportunity to do something different with the second half of my life. I hope that a few of you might be interested in becoming involved in my plans.

PooterGeek plc looks forward to a year of increasing diversification and the leveraging of existing synergies to extend the brand into new global niches. All shareholders are now invited to enjoy the complimentary drinks and nibbles.