Yesterday afternoon a man walked past me in my own street wearing a surgical mask. He wasn’t a med student collecting in the street for rag week. He wasn’t on his way to respray a car. I don’t live next to a hospital. He was a smartly dressed academic-looking type with his mouth covered.

Also yesterday, when I visited Squander’s place, a Google ad popped up that linked to these people. They claim to offer “terrorism solutions“, not in the sense that Tariq Ali and George Galloway and other fascist appeasers offer solutions, or in the sense that these loons intend, but in the sense that the Co-op supermarket chain now offers chilled ready-meals under the branding “Meal Solutions”: “Darling, I’m currently networking with my like-gendered peers. Your meal solution is in the food-warming chamber.”

Anyway, do you think UKSurvive’s front page has always been illustrated by a double-decker London bus? Because, if it has, these grim coincidences are proliferating.