This, however, is not only not one of my spoofs; it isn’t a spoof at all. It’s a direct quote from a New York Times article about the Captain of the next Space Shuttle mission:

Capt. Wendy B. Lawrence of the Navy looks at her first space shuttle flight in 1995 almost as a vacation.

I’m like, wow, what a great deal I had,” she said in an interview in April. “Sixteen days in space.

On the flight, the space shuttle, Endeavour, carried an observatory with three telescopes that looked at the ultraviolet light from hot stars and distant galaxies.

My job was to type the next maneuver into the computer and make sure it kicked off and make sure we got to where it was and then sit there and just kind of monitor what was going on,” Captain Lawrence said.

So I’m on the flight deck, and I had nothing else to do in between maneuvers but basically look out the window and monitor how things were going while the other two people on the team did the astronomical observations,” she added. “I think, God, that was a really relaxing timeline.

What if something goes wrong?

Houston? No biggie, but we rilly rilly have, like, a problem here?