I’m not just writing this because she was so nice about me yesterday in her Normblog profile, but Pashmina really is on a roll at The Grammatical Puss. Her Austen-pastiche preview of the latest adaptation of Pride And Prejudice is quite the most pleasing thing I have read all week. [Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet? I mean, please. How about Daniel Radcliffe as Mr D’arcy?]

The delight I took in her prose was all the greater for the accompaniment of the charming new single from Goldie Looking Chain, Your Missus Is A Nutter:

“Binge drinking, binge drinking tried to keep up with your missus,
What was I thinking? She looks like Caprice,
So it’s a fucking shock to see her wrestling two police,
With one in a headlock!
Fighting with bouncers and flashing her tits,
After too many sambucas she dont care who she hits,
Wake up on Sunday, with bruises and cuts,
Face it son, your girlfriend’s nuts!”

I wonder if GLC’s fans know that the joke’s on them?