normblog quoting C L R James:

“[T]he bowler v batsman confrontation “reproduces the central action which characterises all good drama from the days of the Greeks to our own: two individuals pitted against each other in a conflict that is strictly personal but no less representative of a social group.”

wongaBlog watching the game being played:

“[J]ust now I witnessed the following:

  1. Man 1 throws ball
  2. Man 2 hits ball away with bat
  3. Man 3, in a stunning flying leap, catches ball
  4. Massive cheers, and everybody crowds around Man 1.

Man 1? What about Man 3? He did a massive flying leapy catchy thing! All Man 1 did was throw the ball in a straight line…how hard can that be? He does it all the damn time! Poor old Man 3 had about 3 nanoseconds to react to an 80mph ball heading towards him and still managed to grab the thing, yet Mr throwy-throwy got all the glory. Poor Man 3, I felt sorry for him.”