Currently these are the top five most popular stories on Florida’s Local6 news Website:

  • Giant ‘Blue Bird’ On Roof Upsets Neighborhood
  • Killer Bees Found In Louisiana
  • Cops: Man Fabricated Hitchhiker’s Death To Make Wife Leave
  • Giant ‘Bra Fence’ Sparks Controversy
  • Woman Allegedly Sells Sexual Favors To Elderly For $4

[LUNCHTIME UPDATE:] Noteworthy headlines in the “Spotlight” section, down on the left of the Local6 index page:

  • Electrocuted Squirrel Blamed For Outage
  • Kids’ Lemonade Stand Shut Down After Competitor Complains
  • 11-Year-Old Girl Who Threw Rock To Be Tried For Felony
  • Naked Swordsman Pleads Guilty To Assault
  • Family Finds Python Under Dishwasher
  • Child Damages 16th-Century Statue Of Neptune
  • Court Strikes Down Hawaiians-Only Admissions Policy
  • Cyclist Ticketed After Falling